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Small nudges in the right direction are what enable CATCH Scotland to make a Real Difference to the life of each of the young adults placed there.


CATCH is a unique organisation offering both 1:1 care, housing and vocational training support personalised to meet the needs of each Individual.  Our ‘wrap-around’ care packages are designed to be flexible and responsive to each young adult’s needs and CARE really is at the heart of everything we do.

Similarly, the ‘’personalised’ vocational TRAINING programmes open opportunities for future employment or gaining a continuing education placement…

We offer transitional care and learning experiences tailored to meeting the needs of young adults with a range of Additional Support Needs between the ages of 16-25  ‘many of which are care experienced’.


Our staff come from all walks of life and are truly passionate about making a difference to our young adults’ lives.  The starting point for us is to identify what a young adult wants to do, their hopes, dreams and aspirations, and then work together on evolving a Personal Support Plan to move towards attaining these goals at the individual’s own pace.


CATCH Commitment and Promise.

CATCH is committed to #thepromisescotland and will strive to provide the young people we support with the necessary skills, confidence, competence and drive to feel safe, loved, respected and able to achieve their ambitions and goals. We will aim to provide all the young people we support with resilience, determination, self esteem, self-respect and respect for those around them.


We recognise that many of our young people feel that they have not been listened to and their voice has not been heard throughout their experience in care. We recognise that many of our young people have verbalised what they wanted in the past and feel they were not listened to for various reasons and as such their level of trust in those around them that are able to support is minimised. At Catch we want to ensure that all our young people’s voices are being heard and they are at the centre of any decision-making forums. We will ensure that our young peoples views and opinions are being heard and they are aware of available supports and resources such as advocacy service, legal representatives and other agencies such as who cares.

Catch strive to provide an open-door policy and inclusive environment and systems to support our young people’s voice being heard.


We are aware Through Social work Scotland statistics 2020-2021 that between 56% and 70% of care experienced young people return to the care of parents and or relatives or friends following their time in care.

We are also aware that many of our young people have historically struggled when back in the family home. We recognise the importance of having that family identity is to our young people and are invested to do what we can to support our young people, and their families in developing and maintaining positive relationships. This will be done through modelling behaviours and supporting with developing positive lifelong coping strategies to help manage responses and behaviours more effectively.


At CATCH we are committed to ensure the young people we support receive the right level of support to meet their needs and that they are supported to feel respected loved and able to love this will be done by adopting a holistic approach to care that encompasses past trauma and 3 staged approach to help support and manage any current and potential risks more positively.

We recognise the importance of consistency, and the benefit routine and structure can have in creating lifelong coping strategies.


We recognise the importance of having the right supports and people around you when you need them and as a service, we will strive to recognise any people and supports that the young people we support may require throughout their life as early as possible.

We aim to support our young people in developing and maintaining pro social relationships and activities.


CATCH will use a Scaffolding approach to support our young people and families to provide them with the tools, skills, confidence to improve on their self esteem thus improving overall opportunities and life chances.

CATCH will endeavour to provide the young people with the evidence and documentation, qualifications required in order to support them with future life chances.

As a service we will also support our young people in completing a pathways and future planning prior to leaving the service to ensure they have the necessary information to seek support as and when required in the future. 


To maintain identification with this shared plan, three main criteria are utilised, including.

Come join us

Do you have what it takes to mentor and guide a young adult towards independence?
Do you have a big heart and the stickability to give our young adults the level of commitment and support they deserve? If you feel that this is you and are prepared to work towards SVQ level 2, or have a vocational background that could enhance our training programme, please do get in touch with us.

staff team

Relationships are fundamental to our young adults' outcomes. So, our staff come from all walks of life and are very real people with big hearts who are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to support the young people with whom they work. Each young adult will have a team of 4/5 such staff members around them to enable such a solid relationship to be built.

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The CATCH Scotland aim is to improve the life chances of young adults who have experienced adversity and prevent them from being drawn into an often chaotic and uncertain lifestyle.