Wraparound Care


‘Wraparound’ Care Support Plans are designed to meet the needs of each young adult.  As a small flexible company, we are able to ensure that the service meets the unique requirements of each young adult rather than the young adult fitting in with what the service can offer.


Our service is designed to allow each young adult to develop the life and social skills which will help them to become as independent as possible.  As a result, when they are ready to move on to their ‘forever home’ they are better equipped to sustain their tenancies, manage their doors and have the confidence to be part of their communities.


CATCH recognizes and understands that ‘independence’ and ‘life skills’ mean different things to each young adult we support, and for some of our young people their transition journey will be onto adult services rather than their own tenancies.


However, whatever the journey may look like, we always strive to ensure that each young person is prepared to manage their lives as well as possible with the appropriate level of support.

our care services



  • The care support provided by CATCH is tailored to the identified needs of each young adult:

  •    24-hour support can be provided, then reduced when appropriate:

  •   Care Support is provided from 4pm till 10pm.

  •  Sleepover Support operates from 10pm till 9am.

  • Wakened night shifts also are available if required.

  •  Two early shifts from 9am to 4pm also can be made available at weekends if required.



  • Training is designed around the young adult’s interests and skills
  • Available 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday
  • A Part-time option also is available
  • Young adult gets paid for attending and working hard to mirror grown up setting of the world of work


  • This level of support by experienced staff operates every night of the week from 3pm-11pm.

  • It provides support for both young adults and staff.

  • It offers nightly crisis support.


At CATCH, commitment is at the centre of every part of a young adult’s journey with us.

The experience provided combines daytime training with night-time care support, with a crisis response service available if needed. Each care plan is based on the following four developmental areas: 


Private tenancies for each young adult on the CATCH Scotland programme is a unique part of their experience, providing them with the real-life situation of choosing their own flat and furniture.  The tenancies are taken out by CATCH on behalf of the young adult, and staff are there to aid each young adult initially with budgeting, maintaining the house and the day to day running of the tenancy.  Levels of support are agreed with the Local Authority and can be increased or decreased according to the young adult’s needs.


The CATCH Training programme provides a ‘personalised’ experience at the appropriate pace for each young adult.  If they start one vocation and decide that it’s not for them, then we move on to try something else until an interest/career option is found.


With each placement, CATCH ensures that every young adult gains a real work experience, whether with models coming into the company salon or placement in relevant work situations, Continuing Education or involvement in Community-Based Projects. All of these activities are designed to enable each young adult to put their newly developed vocational skills into action.






Singleton living accommodation is an integral part of the transition process of a young adult to full independence and is a key part in CATCH’s success with its young adults. We have developed a very positive outcome model that allows our young adults to move on to full independence.


Often young adults want to remain in their original communities, but in other cases they want to start life afresh away from where they were brought up. CATCH therefore works closely with the placing Local Authority to find an identified tenancy that meets each young adult’s needs. It also promotes his/her integration into the community by encouraging participation in a variety of local groups and work placements. We also help each young adult to establish how to access the requisite transport to support involvement in such activities.