“West Dunbartonshire has been working with CATCH Scotland since its inception, and we have found that it fills a much-needed gap in provision that helps provide young people with their own tenancy and supports them into employment and training. Some of the young people we refer to CATCH Scotland tend to be disengaged and lack inspiration, refusing to work with other services to plan for their future. In contrast, the CATCH Scotland staff have the imagination to engage and support young people in whatever endeavour they decide. CATCH Scotland continues to work well in partnership with the Local Authority, providing young people with motivation and a positive focus in life.”
Frank McCollum
West Dumbarton
"When I first started at CATCH I was an addict. I was at the lowest point in my life and didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had been in previous care. I settled rather quickly at CATCH, this was very unusual for me as I had great bonds and relationships with my previous staff at my last placement. I grew very fond of the CATCH workers and felt like I was able to open up about some troubles in my life. CATCH then offered me help to become clean from drugs and start a fresh life. I failed a few times, but every time I failed and relapsed, there was a worker at my side supporting me and helping me get the determination I needed to become clean. During my time at CATCH I achieved things I never thought I ever would. My biggest achievement was my little boy! CATCH showed me how to love, when I didn't know the meaning of it. They taught me that no matter how hard or difficult a situation is, it can always be resolved with talking. There is light at the end of every dark tunnel..!
Former service user
“CATCH Scotland is an exceptional organisation that provides an outstanding level of support, care and training opportunities for young people. I have worked closely with CATCH for over 4 years in the capacity of a Throughcare Social Worker. Often, the young people who I have referred to CATCH have experienced significant trauma and unsettledness throughout their early life and their care experience. These young people often have complex support needs and can be very difficult to engage. The staff team at CATCH, and the model of support they have in place has proven, time and time again, to be very effective, not only in engaging my young people but safeguarding them and enabling them to achieve positive outcomes in their life”
Kelly Collins
Throughcare & Aftercare Services
“CATCH are like family”
Current service user
“The commitment, energy and passion of the staff is singularly the most significant part of CATCH’s success. The skill mix of the team is recorded as one of the key successes of the organisation. Key staff come from a business background, local authorities, care homes, commissioners and people who have been working in care settings”
3rd Horizons
CATCH Independent Evaluators
I joined Catch in 2019 and I can honestly say that I haven't looked back since. Managers and staff are approachable, supportive and work collaboratively to inspire and enhance Young People's lives. You'll often hear our dedicated support staff say, 'I’m just doing my job' when really, they have gone above and beyond. CATCH provides a unique platform that empowers Young People to develop valuable life skills, education and training that suits their individual needs. Most importantly, CATCH shows each Young Person that it is possible to achieve their vision and hope for the future that they may never have known they could. In a world where a global pandemic has changed our daily lives, CATCH has recognised the importance of staying connected and adapting to Young People's mental wellbeing and safety. CATCH staff have shared skills with Young People, including sewing fabric face masks for others, arts and craft activities, gardening, focusing on home-based exercise, DIY projects, walks in the country and lots of yummy baking sessions. My job role has become more important than ever as normality has disappeared and I am proud to make a difference to Young People's lives during a time of uncertainty. As Housing Support for a Young Female with additional support needs and a vivid passion for both hairdressing and baking, CATCH have provided purpose-built facilities for a one-to-one training environment and this has enabled the Young Person to work towards her personal goals and realise her true potential'.
Emma Robinson
Housing Coordinator, CATCH Scotland
"Eve Property have provided tenancies for CATCH Scotland for over 3 years. I personally have found the tenants very polite, respectful and helpful throughout the tenancy. The young people from CATCH Scotland also have assisted with repair maintenance within our rental properties as part of a training scheme provided by CATCH Scotland. All works have been professionally managed and carried out to a very high standard."
Colleen McKinley
CEO Eve Property
To me CATCH means family! They are an amazing support system that every care experienced young person will feel privileged to get the opportunity to have CATCH in their lives. If it wasn’t for CATCH I wouldn’t be where I am today I now care for young people and adults with disabilities which I take pride in my job so much and this is all thanks to CATCH Scotland xx
Former service user